Chinese Herbs

Introducing Dr. Shen's Chinese Herbs ~ Made in the USA

Dr. Shen started as a Chinese Herbalist in Berkeley, California, and as you can imagine, being near UC Berkeley, he had quite the discriminating clientelle.

These Classical Chinese Herbal formulas use herbs grown in the USA, where ever possible, to get the cleanest freshest herbs with vibrant energy and potency.

As discriminating as Berkeley people are, Dr. Shen's formulas have evolved into using some herbs grown here, that they deem as safer or bettter than the original formula herbs found in other brands.

We have personally tested Dr. Shen's Yin Chiao against other brands found in stores in Portland, and found that Dr. Shen's was the most effective for our famiily members.

We grew up on Chinese herbs and trust Dr. Shen's formulas to be safe, effective, and well researched. This is why we chose to offer this line on Natural Altrernative Path

Currently, we have noticed over the past few years, how products are moving to Amazon as a platform for selling. We are offering Dr. Shen's on Amazon. For International orders, please contact us for shipping costs. (Spring 2018)

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